If you or a loved one have answered yes to any of these questions, call TODAY for your in-home risk assessment, don’t wait until an accident happens that may prevent you from living at home.

  • Have you ever slipped and fallen?
  • Do you have any trouble with stairs entering or exiting your home?
  • Do you have issues maneuvering through your doorways or hallways?
  • Do you have trouble getting in and out of your bathtub or shower?
  • Do you have problems with slippery surfaces in your home?
  • Are all your counters and cabinets at a comfortable height for you?
  • Do you have difficulty rising from or lowering to a seated position?
  • Are there modifications you would like in your home to improve the quality of your life?




We understand finding the right company or individual to help you in your transition can be a daunting task.  We are your one point of contact to navigate community resources and services.

Total Home Renovations

Access Ramps/Decks/Walkways

Complete Bathroom Remodeling

Widening Doorways/General Household Repairs

Treatment of Slippery Surfaces to reduce falls

Safety Grab Bar Installations/Durable Medical Equipment