Benefits of Aging In Place



Benefits of Aging In Place

Transforming Lives By Transforming Homes

Once living at home becomes increasingly difficult to manage, many older adults and disabled individuals think their only option is to transition into a nursing or assisted living facility.  However, in a study conducted by the AARP, older homeowners overwhelmingly prefer to age in place, which means living in your home safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age of functional level.

There are several advantages to aging in place.  Independent home solutions can help you achieve them.  Our goals for our clients are to remain independent, maintain a familiar environment, promote physical and mental well being, and present cost effective options.





Independence:  Living at home allows the freedom to maintain normal activities and routines.  When a home is modified and a variety of services are within reach, it promotes independence.  This independence allows the occupant to live a longer, healthier life with comfort and dignity.



Aging in place allows you to maintain a familiar environment.  Living at home means being able to go to the same grocery store, drugstore and frequent other familiar places.  Moving can add stress and confusion and it may be difficult to adapt to new surroundings.  Independent Home Solutions comes to you so you don’t have to move your life.



Well Being:  Aging in place can promote physical and mental well being.  You can live where you raised your family, years of memories and enjoy the freedom of independent living.  Making even small remodeling changes will keep you at home where you are happiest and surrounded by people you love.

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Cost Effective:  It is far more cost effective to renovate a home than pay for a facility which can range from $4000-$12000 per month, not including the initial entrance fee.  That’s an average of $96000 a year which can use up a life’s savings or entire proceeds from the sale of a home.